Wife Vashikaran Mantra

Wife Vashikaran MantraWife vashikaran mantra is a special chant, written by our sages to make someone married life and save it from any serious damage. The ancient tantra gives solutions for each and every problem of human life & wife vashikaran mantra is also a part of it, by using the effective wife vashikaran mantra you can bring your ex-wife back very easily and avoid divorce situation that really breaks the entire family in different parts.

To do the wife vashikaran mantra you need a perfect and experienced wife vashikaran specialist astrologer like gurumata Maya Ji who has solved millions of married life problems and given a new life to the couple again. She knows the importance of relationships and cares for clients in a real way which gives faster, quick, and reliable solutions to people and it is the main reason to take services from Mataji for trusted and permanent solutions.

Powerful Vashikaran Mantra For Wife

We are sharing and very powerful vashikaran mantra for wife which brings results in a short time but never uses it for the general problem or without following proper rules and dedication which is most important in this ritual.

If you are thinking to chant the mantra only and see the miracle so this page is not for you.

The powerful wife vashikaran mantra which we have written below is the very strong and fast working mantra, to do this ritual, you need a pearl rosary, red color cloth, wife’s photo, and a private room, ghee lamp, incense stick only.

From any auspicious Friday night, start the powerful vashikaran mantra for wife, take bath, wear a red dress, sit on red cloth and keep facing north, light a ghee lamp, keep wife’s photo inside kumkum made circle on the floor.

Sprinkle some rice pieces over there, also sprinkle black sesame, black lentil, black mustard, and after that take Sankalp for doing powerful wife vashikaran mantra 11 rosary cycle and start chanting the mantra using pearl rosary.

Keep the same procedure continue for 30 days and after 30 days, wear the pearl rosary in the neck, bury the wife’s photo inside the ground, rest pour into the river and try to reach the wife using any source, you will get a favorable response soon.


How To Do Control Wife Mind And Get Her In Favor

Vashikaran mantra to control wife you can begin from any Sukla Paksha Friday night. You should sit on the red cloth after taking the bath, light mustard oil lamp over wife’s photo with the name of goddess kali, take Sankalp for doing vashikaran mantra to control wife.

After Sankalp and formal worship of goddess kali, begin the ritual and chant the mantra written below 11 rosary cycle and keep the same procedure continue till 21 days.

After 21 days, do havan from the same mantra to complete the ritual and donate some sweet to 9 virgin girls from your hand and touch their feet to take blessings. It is the mantra that attracts wife very fast and helpful for those persons, who do not get respect, love & care from the wife.

|| Om Namoh Kali Kalika Wife Name Aakarshaye Aakarshaye Om Shreem Hreem Vashyam Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha ||

Why Should You Take Gurumata Maya Services For Married Life Problems

Gurumata maya is an astrologer who always gives the best in each and every case and never makes you feel surrendered in front of situations. Problems are like a shadow that always live beside you and never leave you happy. but the enlightenment of spiritual power and vashikaran introduces you with a world where more possibilities, more success, more hope exist, Gurumata Maya is the name of hope and success, she brings changes in real life and makes it stable.

Wife Vashikaran Mantra
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