Privacy Policy

Read our privacy policy page to understand our politics and privacy rules that are applicable to all our clients who are taking services from us.

Why We Ask About Your Birth Detail ?

We ask about your birth detail because we need to examine your horoscope to provide you an exact prediction, to find out the best way of cure and spiritual support.

Birth detail are important to create horoscope and to give predictions, remedies, and solutions for your case.

Do We Store Your Birth Detail For Any Purpose?

No, we keep your birth detail only till your work completion, once your work is done, we erase all your data from our WhatsApp, email, and phone records.

Do We Store Your Private Data On Server?

No, your shared detail, problem, phone number, email id nothing we keep saved for a long time if a client take our services so after completing his work we erase his all record from our database permanent, we never save any telephone number on a private phonebook or use email id for promotion purpose

Your comments, contact form all is secure with secure socket layer protocol and no one can crack it in any case.

Contact form only transfers your query to our email id, it never stores any data for analysis or tracking.

Special Care For Our Valuable Clients

We keep all our client data private and never share any detail of our client with anyone for any kind of purpose or in any condition. We keep all conversation of client and astrologer private with us and it is encrypted in 3 secure steps which mean there is no one between you and our astrologer to interrupt or interfere.

We do not disclose our valuable and ancient technique of predictions, about our rituals detail or our procedure to keep us secure from piracy.

What do We do To Provide Our Clients Complete Satisfaction?

We try hard to maintain our quality services and we always try to give our best to all our clients in every case. A client contacts us with some hope and he expects differences and results because of the name of Gurumata Maya & that we understand very well.  We have a professional team who work as a team for a case to manage the situation and provide the quickest solution.

We provide quality services and 100% dedication in every case that you can’t get anywhere else, Gurumata Maya is very strict about client satisfaction and she really works hard to provide the quickest solution that lives permanently with you.

We have a professional team in which astrologer, priest, Vedic aacharya, Shastri works and Gurumata Maya is the head of the astrology research center, where we reveal a new secret of divine world every day and update ourselves again to provide a client best of the best consultation, services, and results.

Refund Policy

If you receive broken goods such as damaged yantra, broken rosary, any item which cracked inside the box so we provide 100% replacement of the item without any extra cost. Our packaging managed by reputed shipment companies where all items and goods packed with quality and sealed with security but in case if our packaged goods are broken or not sealed properly so you can return it.

Note: Inform on email and show the broken item picture instant after receiving courier, you can claim for broken item return only within 24 hours after receiving the courier.