Satru Nashak Mantra

Satru Nashak MantraSatru nashak mantra helps to protect yourself from all kind of satru badha and satru attacks. Satru nashak mantra and satru badha nivaran mantra helps you to make your enemy forget you and give your life and your happiness or freedom back to you. Satru nashak mantra mean enemy destroying mantra which destroy your all known and unknown enemies. If you have any hidden enemy or known and uknown enemies who destroying your life and giving trouble to you and you want to have protection from them and to have a successful life. Gurumata maya gives all kind of satru badha nivaran mantra, vidhi and also provides yantra and totke to help people. If you want to have services for satru badha so you can contact here or call her direct over phone to discuss your problem personally with maataji.


How To Do Satru Nashak Mantra Prayog

If you want to do the satru badha nivaran mantra or satru nashak mantra prayog so here below giving you the complete vidhi of this satru nashak mantra which you can do in serious problem when you really need it. If you want personalized satru badha nivaran mantra, totke or upay or want satru nashak mantra in tamil, telugu, malyalam so you can contact here for detail also. Never try to use this mantra to punish any innocent person. Use it only when you really have any serious satru badha or you want to win over hidden or known enemies. This is a very strong and powerful badha nashak mantra which you should start from dark moon night, take bath and wear black cloth, cover a wooden piece from black cloth and keep four supari over the wooden piece at all four corners and light mustard oil lamp. Keep facing south and place satru badha nashak yantra and do pooja of yantra with vidhi and than using black hakik rosary chant the written mantra 11 rosary cycle and do this satru naash mantra with same vidhi till 15 nights and at 16th night make a wax idol and keep lighting lamp over it and chant the mantra again 11 rosary cycle and leave breath over idol and write the name of enemy using steel pin and tie the satru naash yantra with the idol using black thread and and photo or name address of enemy and bury into shamshan bhumi at night and squeeze a lemon over place. Instant within some days your enemy will be disturbed and in trouble and stop hurting and defeating you from his power and if he does he will come in trouble again. Because it is a one time ritual only after that it works forever over the person who became your enemy.


Satru Nashak Mantra |  Powerful Mantra To Destroy Enemies
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Satru Nashak Mantra | Powerful Mantra To Destroy Enemies
Satru nashak mantra is a powerful kriya that can remove unwanted people from life. If you are looking for working and powerful mantra to destroy enemies permanent so lets use this mantra vidhi with totke and remedies for destroy enemies and see how your enemy get disappear from life permanent. Satru nahsak hanuman bhairav durga or banglamukhi mantra is best to remove and destroy serious enemies from life permanent.
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