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The original rudraksha bead have miracle powers and using rudraksh cure of many diseases possible also using original rudraksha you can heal many obstacles and trouble that come by the planet and horoscope related problem. For spiritual persons who do rituals, meditations, invoking for siddhi, specific rudraksha which is suggested by their own horoscope or need can give them success in their spiritual path, people who are working in business sector or people who have obstacle and failure in career can also wear the rudraksh and see benefit and growth in their career if they wear the suggested rudraksha bead or rosary according to the requirement of their planet positions. 1 Mukhi to 9 Mukhi rudraksh is very amazing and helpful because these beads helps to heal the malefic effect of your planets and also give you support of the diety who rules over the specifiec bead but today people generally wear rudraksha rosary without having complete information and without following rules and also no one follow the re energizing procedure that keep your rudraksha bead or rosary charged and activated always. There are some rules over rudraksha that should be followed by user if wearing any bead of rudraksha rosary.

  1. User not not eat non veg, egg, never drink alcohol if having rudraksha bead over body and if he wants to eat or drink so he should remove the rosary first from neck and after eating till 72 hours he should not touch the rosary and should not wear in any sense, after 72 hours, user should take bath, purify the body using gangajal water, spiritual prayers and than after worshiping rudraksh again he can wear over body. But if you avoid non veg, egg and alcohol permanent so that is best for you.

  2.  User should not make physical relation and should not go at those places where someone died within 10 days or place where someone born within 12 days, If anything happens as written above in home so rudraksha rosary should be purified again by holy procedure to wear it again.

  3. Person who wear rudraksha rosary should remove the rudraksha before sleeping.

  4.  When taking bath, remove the rudraksha from body and never wear rosary in toilet area.

  5. Once, specially at saturday if you rub oil perfume and mustard oil over rudraksha rosary once so that gives beneficial result and keep user safe from many obstacles and trouble in life.

Rudraksha is a holy product and according to our ancient scripts rudraksha are the tears of lord shiva that fallen from the kailash. Rudraksh comes with different gazes and every piece work for a different purpose how and which rudraksha piece can help you for which purpose that writing here for people to know and understand and to take benefits from the holy powers and blessings of lord shiva using rudraksha.


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