Mantra To Divert Mind Of Your Enemy

Mantra To Divert Mind Of Your EnemyMantra to divert mind of your enemy works to make mind of your enemy diverted in another direction and he stop hurting you and damaging your life. Mantra to divert mind of your enemy divert the mind of the victim permanent in another direction where he get engaged in his own problem and stop troubling you without any reason. To this powerful mantra to divert mind of your enemy you should start this vidhi from any dark moon night. draw the satru nashak yantra over bhojpatra and recite this mantra 2021 times over the yantra to activate it for your purpose or satru naash. After the powerful mantra vidhi to divert mind of enemy you should bury the written yantra after pooja and dhoop deep in shamshan bhumi with the photo and name and address of your enemy at same night and after byry squeeze one lemon over the place and say your wish. Within some days your enemy direction will be changed and he will stop troubling you and mind will be diverted in another way. Gurumata maya is expert of tantra mantra yantra, if you have any kind of trouble in your life due to anything or you are helpless and cannot take any action against your enemy but want to get out from the enemy trouble so you can consult with maataji online or through phone to share your problem and have solution. This vidhi also known as satru uchchatan mantra remedies and totke also in hindunism. Using uchchatan mantra we can divert mind of someone from any place, object or matter.

Om bhagwati mahadevi chamunde aparajite mahadevi kreem kreem kalike amuk satrun uchchatye uchchatye prasthapaye prasthapaye kreem phat swaha.


Mantra To Divert Mind Of Your Enemy | Mantra To Make Enemy Move Away From Your Life
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Mantra To Divert Mind Of Your Enemy | Mantra To Make Enemy Move Away From Your Life
Mantra to divert mind of your enemy instantly change the ways and using mantra to make enemy move away from life makes his ways blocked against you and your life will be saved from enemy. If you are looking for a extreme powerful mantra to punish enemy or to make him out from life so lets read this article that will help you for everything. We also provide enemy protection yantra and amulets for protection and to make enemy far away from you.
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  • I want to success in my life/but more enemies are hurting and attack north to do any work and iam often scolding them unnecessarily

    • due to the special duration or transit of planet it happens sometime when your own wellwisher turn as enemy, sometime it also happen due to some tantra mantra problem, you should send your detail here and let us read about your birth information to find out why it is happening with you. If there is problem so always there is a solution for it also.

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