Have You Heard About The Golden Minute?

Golden minute is a very auspicious time which come for everyone daily but just few people know it and use it for their own desire and it does not work for everyone also for any wish. The power of universe work behind it and a person who wants to use the golden minute, should be pure and intention should be right and good behind asking for a wish or desire. If you try to use the golden minute to harm or defeat someone for your own selfish desire so something wrong can happen also. Universe power and cosmic energy help us to solve our own problem and to bend situation into favor. It should be used for good purpose only. There are many people in the world who experiences when they said something about any topic,it happened suddenly and they got shocked after that, everyone accept something like that as coincidence and avoid it but there are some other people also who wants to understand how it work and how something happen sometime, when you say something for someone, without having any special power how anyone can make anything possible just like that only by saying it. Here we are showing the concept of golden minute. How it works and how a golden minute can fulfill your desire if you know how to use it. We all pray daily and request god to fulfill our desire and god listen everyone and also know at what time and which place you will get your desired wish done but it happens according to the rule of god or nature. Golden minute comes in every 24 hours just for a minute when it work and make your desire fulfilled easily.To calculate golden time you have to know some easy math rules. For example if it is 7th month of this year and date is 2nd so your golden time will be 2:07 am. But when you cross the date over 20 we count it opposite. For example if date is 24 and month is January so golden time will be 24.1 night.

The Secret Rule To Know Your Own Special Golden Minute

There is one another rule and method to count and calculate your golden minute. If your birth date is 12-01-1971 so add 1+2+1+1+9+7+1= 22 and now do minus with today date, if today date is 1-3-2016 so first add this date 1+3+2+1+6=12 now minus 22 into 12 so = will be 10 and as today date is 1-3-2016 so common golden minute will be 1:3 am so now minus 10 into 1 so = 9.3 am will be your own golden time specially which will work more powerfully for you.

How To Use Golden Minute For Yourself

Golden minute user should be very religious and he must have very strong faith over the presence of god and his control over universe power. he should have a religious life style and he should have faith over secret powers of universe which work in our life and can bend everything when it work. If you do not believe in these thing and have doubt over it so better you should avoid testing it. To use any cosmic power or universe energy faith is very important….yes faith faith and only faith. You should try it daily at once at your own special golden minute and with patience you should try to analyses if situation coming in favor. If you are not sure or want to understand more clear about golden minute so you can email us. We are trying best to provide you best of the best information about ancient culture and hidden techniques to make your life so much better than before.


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Have you heard about the golden minute which fulfill any desire or wish, if not so read on our page about it. It is truth and it works if you can do calculation and take note down your own golden minute and practice so your wish will be granted at your golden minute. read this page about: #today's golden minute #golden minute clock #golden minute in hindi #golden minute meaning #golden minute speaking tree #golden minute in consultation #golden minute of the day in hindi #calculate golden minute read these all info on this single unique page about golden minute benefits.
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    I want to know a bit more about this.I am a religious person and based on my date of birth I want to know which time will be the golden time for me on a daily basis.Please note I have consulted a few other religious sites as well and want to have a few confirmations before I start practicing it correctly.If I correct information from you I will take your other services for sure.

    1) You mentioned that the rule of calculating the golden minute on a day is one for dates from 1-20th of any month.The rule is opposite for the dates from 20th to the rest of the month.In another site its mentioned as the opposite counting starts from 25th to end of the month.When does the opposite counting start 20th or 25th? While I am not doubting your site I am just trying to get the correct info.Please confirm this for me.

    2) For opposite counting you mentioned an example as below.
    For example if date is 24th and month is January the golden time will be 24.1 night.Does that mean that you start counting backwards from 12 A.M midnight and after counting back full 24 hrs it goes 1 min beyond midnight and makes the golden minute as actually 11:59 P.M.I want to know if this is how I should calculate the golden minutes in opposite direction does the golden minute for 24th is actually 23.59 P.M on 23rd January.

    3) You have mentioned another method of calculating golden minute based on date of birth.Which one is better based on 1) Normal Date and month or 2nd option 2) Based on date of birth?
    Also I have calculated the golden minute for today.Just want to know if my calculation is correct.My date of birth is 27-11-1980=2+7+1+1+1+9+8+0=27 and today’s date is 11-03-2018=1+1+0+3+2+0+1+8=16.Now minus 27 from 16 is 11.Today date is 11-03-2018.So common golden min will be 11:03 A.M. So now minus 11 from 11:03 A.M is 0.03 A.M .Thats means on 11-03-2018 the golden minute for me as per your second rule will be 0.03 A.M on 11-03-2018.

    • gurumatamaya

      read the answer for suman i hope that is more visible and clear and help you for your question also



    There is a small correction I want to make on the point 3.For point 3 please refer this latest paragraph as correct.You have mentioned a more correct method to calculate the golden moment based on the date of birth.Which one is better 1) The one based on normal date and month or 2) The one based on date of birth as well as the normal date and time.Based on your formula for calculating the golden moment based on the date of birth and the normal date/month below is the time I have arrived at for 12-03-2018.Please confirm if this is correct.My date of birth is 27-11-1980 so addition of the numbers make it 2+7+1+1+1+9+8+0=29.Adding the nos of today’s date (12-03-2018) is 1+2+0+3+2+0+1+8=17.Now minus 29 to 17 makes it 12.For the date 12-03-2018 the common golden min will be 12-03 p.m.If I minus 12 from that it makes the golden moment time as 0.03 A.M.That means the golden moment for 12-03-2018 will be 0.03 A.M on 12-03-2018.Is that a correct calculation? Please confirm.

    • gurumatamaya

      giving you an example- my birth date is 2 feb 2018 so i will add 2+2+2+1+8= 15 now today date is 3 march 2018 so i will add 3+3+2+1+8 17 now minus 17-15 so that will be 2 so my lucky time of today will be 2 am

      here we count in 24 hours time mode not in AM PM


    I still have a confusion.In the last example you said we do not calculate in AM,PM mode for calculating the golden minute of a day.But in your reply itself you had mentioned 2 A.M.

    Is the golden minute always in the first 12 hrs of the day?

    My question is after doing the minus between the sum of fields of date of birth and sum of fields of the current date whatever is the difference shall I consider that as my golden moment in 24 hrs format in AM?

    Or as in your example in the original post you had mentioned I will minus the difference from today’s golden minute to get the even more accurate golden minute?

    To give you an example.Lets say its 17th March.The difference between sum of the numbers of date of birth and todays date is : 27-11-1980 (29) – 18-03-2018 (23) i.e 29-23=6

    So shall I consider 6 A.M as my golden moment or shall I consider it this way
    As per normal formula for 17th March (17-3-2018) the golden moment is 17-03 i.e 5-03 A.M.Now 5-03 A.M – 6 hrs is 11-03 P.M on 16th.

    I am a bit confused while trying to find out an easy way to calculate this. Please help.Main thing is do you need to consider the mins and secs after doing the minus or you can just keep the hrs while calculation?

    • I written Am To make you understand what i was trying to clear there, it does not mean you should count in AM PM Mode

  • vikanshu ojha

    Hey I wanna know too you just minus 1 out ten as the date was 1-3 but what if the date were 13-3 or 14-3 then would you minus 10 out of 14 or would minus 2 out of ten after converting it 14- 3 according to the clock which is actually 2 p m

  • I can’t understand about am or pm please help me

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