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3 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits

Three Mukhi Rudraksh (3 Mukhi ) always have 3 natural lines that never looks similar to each other this is symbol of natural rudraksha bead. 3 Mukhi rudraksha represent fire element, fire purifices everything so over body it work in same way purify the body and wearer from everything also balance fire element in body, 3 Faced rudraksha burns all your sins that you have done or commited in this life or that time before and purify the life also in same way. If you have problem related to the stomach, digestion, liver, disorders of the sex glands/adrenal glands or Eye defect, cancer, cholera, ulcer, swellings or have any problem related to land disputes, accidents, inferiority feeling, fearful, self hatred, mental strain, blood pressure, disturbed menstrual cycle, kidney problem and the mental state or have fear so wear this rudraksha rosary or bead to have benefits, also you can feel the influence of this rudraksha on your energy level, efforts, learning and accepting the knowledge, if someone have chronic fever or rheumetic fever so he should try teen mukhi rudraksha bead or rosary to have benefits. Ruling planet is Mars If you have malefic mars in horoscope or have mangal dosh or have any problem that related to the malefic mars so three mukhi rudraksha rosary can remove it and nullify the effect permanent if following the rules of wearing rudraksha so.

If you want to buy the energized 3 mukhi rudraksha pendent, rosary, bracelet from us so you can click over buy now button and contact us to ask. We only provide energized three mukhi rudraksha beads to people as per requirement and with complete vidhi, mantra and wearing rules.

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