Boyfriend Vashikaran Mantra

Boyfriend Vashikaran MantraBoyfriend vashikaran mantra usually work for love relationship problem when boyfriend wants to broke up or have another one in life and you still wat to spend life with the same boyfriend so boyfriend vashikaran mantra can help you to win his love again. Mantra for boyfriend vashikaran basically you can find on many website which is just copy paste of someone own’s content but original script about boyfriend vashikaran no one has to publish. Boyfriend vashikaran mantra is not only an mantra even it is a complete procedure which require proper attention to understand and to do the powerful mantra for boyfriend vashikaran. Shabar is the well known subject in tantra and shabar vashikaran mantra for boyfriend can work fast than ordinary one but it require to do siddhi during eclipse time for using the mantra once or at maximum number of times so will you wait for the eclipse when you urgently need something to maintain your love relation? Gurumata maya is the most famous and authentic tantrik in India who is so experienced into all kind of ex boyfriend vashikaran mantra and you can read this page to have maximum info about different kind of vashikaran methods. A powerful boyfriend vashikaran mantra is the best vashikaran method and choice to solve a love problem quickly and by hiring the best boyfriend vashikaran services from authentic astrologer you can avail it. If you just want to try any kind of cheap vashikaran mantra to get ex boyfriend back so you can try and find on google but if you are looking for authnetic vashikaran mantra for boyfriend so you can contact with us ro read our page carefully to find the different vashikaran mantra that work fast. We have mentioned working boyfriend vashikaran vidhi for needy people with procedure. The below mantra is the great mantra for boyfriend vashikaran using cloth. You can keep used shirt of boyfriend, seat over it during dark moon night, keep facing east and light 7 black candle around you in circle shape and inside circle you have to seat and make a circle around you using salt, than you have to chant the given mantra 10000 times in one night to have siddhi and use it over boyfriend specially. Keep same ritual continue for 21 nights and at next dark moon do the hawan from black sesame, jasmine flower, sandalwood only 1008 times. When your hawan will be done, your boyfriend cannot live with patience and he has to return back soon to you. It is very sharp prabal vashikaran mantra that never fails.

|| Om namoh kadsnvarini Name vashkari swaha ll

Vashikaran Mantra To Marry Boyfriend

Vashikaran mantra to marry boyfriend is another ritual where using the mantra you can make boyfriend agree to marry with you for this purpose you need to take clay of his feet and make doll using clay and rose water and after making keep that doll you have to keep in hand and recite the vashikaran mantra to marry boyfriend 1008 times to energize and after that, show flame of candle over boyfriend doll every night using same mantra 501 times and sprinkle some rose oil perfume over it. After 11 days, tie the boyfriend doll with your chunni or saree and sleep with it next day, hide the doll somewhere and within days try to convince boyfriend to marry you, you will see amazing changes and boyfriend will be convinced soon by this vashikaran mantra to marry boyfriend soon

|| Om Hraim Hroum Hrah Kiti Kiti Mohye Mohye His Name Bandhaye Bandhaye Hoom Phat Swaha ||

Vashikaran Mantra For Boyfriend In Hindi

bf vashikaran freeVashikaran mantra for boyfriend in hindi is for attracting your ex boyfriend or to get his attention back. It is very common when after a long time your boyfriend can feel bore and deny to behave like previous. He can choose someone else too which you do not like to see so in that case the vashikaran mantra for boyfriend in hindi is the best ritual where by using vashikaran mantra for boyfriend back and love attraction we make your boyfriend convinced, recharged with full romance and love again and send him to you back. Boyfriend vashikaran mantra is too complicate because each mind is different and as per mind level we have to do different kind of vashikaran spells in same time randomly to make someone in our control. Vashikaran mantra for boyfriend in hindi, tamil, telugu is the best vashikaran mantra that work fast and it takes time of 21 days maximum to show changes. You have to go at cemetary during full moon night and take ash of 11 dead bodies and than you have seat there somewhere over black cloth and charge it from the given mantra (recite 1100 times) and than keep that ash safe, give that ash to the boyfriend in food and drinks for 11 days continue and you wil see miracle changes in his behaviour. It is the most powerful vashikaran mantra to get ex boyfriend back which never fails and it is easy to do just some braveness require to go cemetary area only.

ॐ क्रीं क्रीं क्रीं क्राम क्राम क्राम स्फ्रें स्फ्रें धां धां ठः ठः

Powerful Vashikaran Mantra To Attract Boyfriend

Powerful vashikaran mantra to attract boyfriend is the the best ritual for emergency times when you are so frustrtae and nothing works for you in vashikaran. Powerful vashikaran mantra to attract boyfriend can make your lover agree and convinced very quickly but it is sharp procedure and always choose when you really have an emergency. By hiring the genuine vashikaran astrologer and tantrik to do this ritual for making your boyfriend in control you can consult with gurumata maya ji who is the most authentic boyfriend vashikaran astrologer. She choose the strong vashikaran mantra to attract boyfriend only after viewing your horoscope and according to your requirement manually. She never use general vashikaran mantra to attract boyfriend which actually do not work. Her procedure is based on the ancient science of vashikaran method which never fails. You can easily contact gurumata maya ji about your case and problem by filling form and sending her to email or consult on whatsapp too. She will advice you the best powerful vashikaran mantra to control boyfriend mind and keep him loyal and honest with you.

Mantra For Vashikaran Of Boyfriend

Mantra for vashikaran of boyfriend you need 11 clove, some cinnamon, one pinch of black peeper and some camphor. At full moon night after 11pm when you taken bath and prepare do to the mantra for boyfriend vashikaran. Keep all your stuff on a table and make a circle from sugar on table, in the center keep a golden candle and rub the come to me oil over it properly and after that light the candle. Now keep the photo of your boyfriend and sprinkle cinnamon, black peeper, and move 11 cloves around your head 8 times and keep over photo and now cut your ring finger and the blood touch in his mouth and mark a tilak over his head. Now fold the photo with all stuff in a envolvpe and keep it on hand and recite the given mantra 1100 times and leave all there until candle get finished. When candle is finished, bury all in your clay area and light one golden candle rubbed with come to me oil there and pray for boyfriend, within 11 days some good news will be there and all will be cleared to you.

Om Han Shan Wam Vashyam Vashyam Sham Shambhwaye Namah Shan Han Om Phat

Vashikaran Mantra To Control Boyfriend

Vashikaran mantra to control boyfriend keep boyfriend loyal and honest in love relation as many boyfriend leave their lover due to the another one just because of physical attraction and another relationship. Using vashikaran mantra to control boyfriend you can make boyfriend loyal and agree, dedicated and honest in love relationship. For this mataji provide you a boyfriend vashikaran doll to keep and worship daily when till you have the doll with you boyfriend cannot leave you in any case because using doll boyfriend get tied up with you permanent and live with you honest and loyal. Lovers who always live worried and think a lot about the boyfriend behavior and his flirting nature should use this doll to make their boyfriend loyal and dedicated for them.

Boyfriend Vashikaran Remedies

Boyfriend Vashikaran remediesBoyfriend vashikaran remedies and tips are very helpful for general issues which arise between every couple alwyas and if without waiting, you apply the boyfriend vashikaran remedies over him so you can get your love life back and solve the dispute and problem easily without using any long vashikaran procedure. Boyfriend vashikaran remedies make your beloved in control without showing any sign or symptom. It is easy to use and work in all kind of problem.

1. Cut boyfriend hairs during full moon night and tie with your own hairs properly each hair tie with your own head hairs, than tie it over the small size photo of your lover and cut the ring finger and put blood over the photo 7 drops, now put it inside honey bottle and seat it from red candle wax and wear in your neck in a small bottle or keep always with you. Your boyfriend will be in your control until next full moon. You cannot repeat this remedy again.

2. Make battisha yantra from the and fill the numbers inside the yantra as per the birth ascendent and moon sign of your boyfriend, write beloved name over yantra and above yantra write your name, that yantra hide somewhere after showing incense stick inside boyfriend room where he lives to make him desperate to meet you.

3. Take clay or dirt of right feet of boyfriend at sunday night and energize it from mohini mantra within 1 hour and within 2 hours sprinkle back over boyfriend head to make his mood instant changed about you.

4. Giving ring finger energized blood to boyfriend every full moon and dark moon make the boyfriend so sick about you all the time and he behave like slave but at least 3 spoon blood require every time to mix into this food or drink to make him take from your own hand with love and attention romantic way you should serve will strong desire and it is the unbeatable remedy.

Boyfriend Vashikaran Totke

We always try to provide manual and tested boyfriend vashikaran totke in hindi telugu tamil to people for their problem. We do not believe on ordinary fake rituals that never works. If you are looking for genuine and authentic boyfriend vashikaran totke so read our totke below. Our powerful boyfriend vashikaran totke can help you to have some time until you find a true and genuine boyfriend vashikaran specialist.

During menses time, first day and first drop your blood is very precious, energize it from the shabar mantra and give your boyfriend into food or drink within 5 hours after energizing it. 

Steal shirt of your boyfriend at auspicious friday and write the name of your beloved over shirt near heart place and make bisa yantra and below that write your wish and keep it in your home, keep a heavy weighted stone over it and light red candle or oil lamp over stone and seat in awahan mudra and recite the boyfriend vashikaran mantra given above at first paragraph to make him under vashikaran control.

If you have semen of boyfriend so that semon, cinnamon, lawander oil, sandal oil, rose oil mix together and put inside honey bottle and energize it from given mantra below and put semon cloth with photo of boyfriend and his name and address. again recite the mantra 1100 times and leave breath over it and than show incense for 7 days and bury on the somoene’s grave to make him instant captured and in control fast.

Om Hreem Hroom Kameshwarayeh His Name Mum Vashyam Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha

Boyfriend Vashikaran Mantra
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    It is really helping….before 3 days i visited and after asking mataji i did the strong mantra to control boyfriend and today i got a call and he spoken very polite..thanks to you from my heart for helping me in that pain.

  • Nush

    I love a boy but his family is being an obstruction and he is ready to leave me for his family .
    It’s been 4 yrs that an waiting for him to marry me and now he said it’s impossible.
    Please help me

    • Please send your and his date of birth time place, Mataji will try to solve your problem and bless you with happiness again.

      Lot of blessings to you!

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