Mantra For Husband To Stop Drinking

Mantra For Husband To Stop DrinkingMantra for husband to stop drinking alcohol given by gurumta maya ji we are publishing here but you should always consider to check husband horsocope or get it done by a experienced astrologer to have report because alcohol or any other kind of addiction in life comes from the malefic conjunction or position of rahu, saturn like planet and if they placed wrongly in husband horoscope so without removing them by pooja you can never make your husband addiction free by using any pooja prayer to stop drinking. But some meditations are there which called spiritual way to stop drinking alcohol and to quit addiction that you can use to make your husband addiction free. Read our hindu mantra for addiction given below and use prayer for husband to stop drinking and lets see the changes and if changes do not come consult with us for making your husband addiction free using the vashikaran mantra that can make him under control and remove addiction easily from his life permanent.

Hindu Mantra For Alcohol And Addiction

|| ॐ महाशक्त्यै विद्महे शक्तिरुपने धिमहि तन्नो शक्ति प्रचोदयात् ||

You should recite this mantra for husband to stop drinking every day in morning after taking sankalp from your his name and gotra to make him addiction free. First do durga pooja, show ghee lamp and incense and after that chant the mantra by facing east. Do not take non veg alcohol, egg during time when doing the mantra. Minimum 1,25,000 chants should be done by you or priest to have successful results. If you cannot do the process and want to get it done so consult here with mataji for help support.

 Lal Kitab Remedies To Quit Drinking


Lal kitab remedies to quit drinking is very effective also if you are following it according to the horoscope of husband and without any mistakes. We are giving here some effective lal kitab remedies to quit drinking that you can use to make husband quit alcohol drinking. On any Tuesday and Saturday make 5 laddo using rice and move around husband head clockwise and give it to black dog and when you are offering ladoo to dog, make eye contact with him for 4 minutes and pray the same as you want. Do this remedy every tuesday and saturday until you see the results. Also with this remedy add one another lal kitab remedy to quit any addiction in which you should take some leaves of palash tree and dip it into mustard oil properly, after that crush it and throw outside of home, when crushing it, do prayer in mind you are crushing the addiction of husband. Keep anger in your behaviour when doing it after throwing outside take bath properly. This remedy you should repeat everyday for 21 days.

If you want to read how to control husband by vashikaran mantra so read vashikaran mantra to control husband page.


Mantra For Husband To Stop Drinking
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Mantra For Husband To Stop Drinking
Mantra for husband to stop drinking and lal kitab remedies totke to quit drinking alcohol is beneficial for you to make husband addiction free. Mantra to get rid of alcohol and totka for leaving drinking habits. Read our quit drinking remedies of lal kitab and get benefited by it.
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