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Mataji is a tantra mantra yantra specialist and provide her services worldwide into many countries like london, iran, haridwar, europe, malaysia, orrisa, Chennai, bangalore, tamilnadu, fiji island, USA, UK. She gives authentic healing and cleansing remedies and solutions for tantra mantra yantra badha. She is the best tantra mantra specialist belongs to India and she has experience of many years into these problem. She has given cure to millions of people who was in trouble because of the tantra mantra badha, ghost and evil spirit attack or had evil eye problem. Tantra mantra always had its good and bad phase also depends how you use the energy of tantra mantra shakti. But in the tantra mantra if you are in trouble because of someone else and someone has done something to you so you can consult about it with mataji to guide you for cure and healing of tantra mantra badha.

6 Mukhi Rudraksha Bead Buy Online

6 Mukhi Rudraksha Pendent

6 Mukhi rudraksha bead  represent god kartikeya and progeny of lord shiva. Six mukhi rudraksha rosary and pendent is famous and popular bead in hindu religion. It has power to balance all your six senses and to improve sixth sense power you can use it. Six facing rudraksha bead bring success, wealth and happiness also improve your sense powers. it makes wearer fearless, increase physical strength, the ruling planet is venus and lord ganpati energy also exist in this rudraksha that heals all kind of obstacles and problem in the work or life. It is suitable for the writers, editors, politicians, managers or administrators also for those people who are connected with any work where glamour exist like acting, modeling and celebrity jobs. 6 mukhi rudraksha bead increase the confidence level so much and brings material benefits and worldly pleasures to wearer. To remove the malefic effect of venus you can wear this rudraksha bead or rosary. If you want to know about 6 mukhi rudraksha ruling planet name, side effect or wearing day etc so you can contact us for asking or if you want to know 6 mukhi (six faced) rudraksha mala rosary price in india so you can buy it from us in affordable price.


Five Mukhi Rudraksha Bead

Five Mukhi Rudrkasha Rosary

Five (5) mukhi rudraksha rosary is very auspicious and so famous and generally you can see so many people around you who wears 5 mukhi rudraksha mala in their neck because it is easily available everywhere and also affordable for everyone. For students and saints it is very auspicious because the ruling planet lord jupiter is related to this rudraksha bead. Jupiter planet is lord of the knowledge, divine knowledge, life and wealth also it is our father also who teach us lessons to become stronger in our life and to win over problems so if jupiter is malefic in horoscope or you have retrograde jupiter in horoscope so you should wear 5 mukhi rudraksha pendent in neck for nullify malefic effect of jupiter. Five facing rudraksha bead also represent the five element of this nature and our body, if any ailment get disturbed so related disease can affect you but by wearing this rudraksha you can get cure over it soon. 5 mukhi rudraksha rosary is also auspicious for those people who wants harmony and happiness in relationship, wants beauty, wealth and happiness in their life. It gives success so faster to those people who are related to teaching profession, educational works or spiritualism or sorcery, it increase meditation power in wearer. Those people who are suffering from heart related problem or having blood pressure problem should wear this five facing rudraksh peendent, bracelet or pendent or in the form of rosary to have cure. Health issues related to cold, cough and fever also get cured by wearing the energized five mukhi rudraksha bead. It helps to sharpen your memory power and concentration powers so if you are related to any work where concentration and memory power required so wear five mukhi rudraksha for this help. Diseases related to the spine, liver, lungs get cured by using five mukhi rudraksha bead therapy with the help of your guru, Five mukhi rudraksha is also famous for destroying the sins of the wearer so if you want to get released from karmic debts of your life so wear this rudraksha and also do purification of soul and body you will be released from karmic debts soon.

If you want to buy 5 mukhi rudraksha jap mala, rosary, bracelet or amulet or as pendent so you can send query to us, we will answer you and give you suggestions also which rudraksha bead will be lucky for you. We give authentic and genuine rudraksha beads with wearing rules, ruling god name and ruling planet name also provide the complete rudraksha mala wearing vidhi and mantra also.

4 Mukhi Rudraksha Beads

4 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits

4 mukhi rudraksha is the symbol of four holy vedas and it is also symbol of knowledge. If wearer wear this four mukhi rudraksha bead after charging it from mantra properly and take from his guru with blessing so after wearing you can get released from getting tired so fast, laziness, always feeling sad or upset, extra sleeping habit, also it removes the nightmares and stop that dreams that always come and make you stressed or tensed, Some people who see the same dream always that make them scared so this rudraksha can help you. Wearer also never get defeated so easily by anything and four mukhi rudraksha benefits always push you to win in any situation till last breath. It also helpful to get success in any work or career and give you success in all your work what you do in life. The energy of lord bramha is inside the char mukhi rudraksha bead, if you are suffering from mercury malefic effect or having the problem in horoscope related to mercury planet so you can wear this rudraksha to have blessing and protection and to nulify the malefic effect of mercury planet over you. Four facing rudraksha bead is very auspicious for student, creative peoples, journalist, artist, researchers, scientist, writters because these all works need creative mind to do something new and without four mukhi rudraksha gives intelligence to wearer. 4 mukhi rudraksha rosary can help you for mental problems, or if loosing memory so fast so 4 mukhi rudraksha pendent can heal it also it is very good remedy for paralysis, gall bladder, mental stress, any kind of disorder, sexual diseases, ENT problem, it also purify the body energy and heal the problem related to the hand, arm lung, thyroid like diseases and pains.

If you want to buy the four faced (4 mukhi rudraksha) rosary, mala, pendent or bracelet so you can contact us for complete detail and information about it. We provide all kind of genuine and authentic rudraksha beads after complete kundali analysis and give energized pieces to people with blessings and complete method and wearing rules.

Buy 3 Mukhi Rudraksha Online

3 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits

Three Mukhi Rudraksh (3 Mukhi ) always have 3 natural lines that never looks similar to each other this is symbol of natural rudraksha bead. 3 Mukhi rudraksha represent fire element, fire purifices everything so over body it work in same way purify the body and wearer from everything also balance fire element in body, 3 Faced rudraksha burns all your sins that you have done or commited in this life or that time before and purify the life also in same way. If you have problem related to the stomach, digestion, liver, disorders of the sex glands/adrenal glands or Eye defect, cancer, cholera, ulcer, swellings or have any problem related to land disputes, accidents, inferiority feeling, fearful, self hatred, mental strain, blood pressure, disturbed menstrual cycle, kidney problem and the mental state or have fear so wear this rudraksha rosary or bead to have benefits, also you can feel the influence of this rudraksha on your energy level, efforts, learning and accepting the knowledge, if someone have chronic fever or rheumetic fever so he should try teen mukhi rudraksha bead or rosary to have benefits. Ruling planet is Mars If you have malefic mars in horoscope or have mangal dosh or have any problem that related to the malefic mars so three mukhi rudraksha rosary can remove it and nullify the effect permanent if following the rules of wearing rudraksha so.

If you want to buy the energized 3 mukhi rudraksha pendent, rosary, bracelet from us so you can click over buy now button and contact us to ask. We only provide energized three mukhi rudraksha beads to people as per requirement and with complete vidhi, mantra and wearing rules.

2 Mukhi Rudraksha Buy Online

(2) Two Mukhi Rudraksha

Two mukhi rudraksha or 2 face rudraksha gives benefit to user in many ways like the wearer of two mukhi rudraksha makes relationship better with family, friends and with relatives and gives peace to mind also gives stability of mind when working or thinking for a topic. 2 mukhi rudraksha improve the quality of taking decisions or giving advices correctly. Two mukhi rudraksha also nulify the malefic effect of planet moon as per our ancient vedic scripture it is good remedy for those people who cannot afford the pearl or cannot wear it due to any reason so wearing this rudraksha bead or rosary can give you help and protection from moon if it is malefic in horoscope and if it is good so planet moon benefic powers will be increased and give you benefit of it also.


You can buy the authentic and original two facing rudraksha from here by us with complete pooja vidhi and wearing method and also with the mantra to keep two mukhi rudraksha bead, pendent, amulet, bracelet activated life long If you want more information about two mukhi rudraksha, 2 mukhi rudraksha wearing rules, 2 mukhi rudraksha benefits in tamil, telugu or kannad or want to buy 2 mukhi rudraksha price in nepal with the benefits of two facing rudraksha or want to have 2 mukhi rudraksha pendent, bracelet, locket, rosary so you can mail us for complete detail and information about it. To buy 2 mukhi rudraksha bead you can mail us.

Original Rudraksh Buy Online

The original rudraksha bead have miracle powers and using rudraksh cure of many diseases possible also using original rudraksha you can heal many obstacles and trouble that come by the planet and horoscope related problem. For spiritual persons who do rituals, meditations, invoking for siddhi, specific rudraksha which is suggested by their own horoscope or need can give them success in their spiritual path, people who are working in business sector or people who have obstacle and failure in career can also wear the rudraksh and see benefit and growth in their career if they wear the suggested rudraksha bead or rosary according to the requirement of their planet positions. 1 Mukhi to 9 Mukhi rudraksh is very amazing and helpful because these beads helps to heal the malefic effect of your planets and also give you support of the diety who rules over the specifiec bead but today people generally wear rudraksha rosary without having complete information and without following rules and also no one follow the re energizing procedure that keep your rudraksha bead or rosary charged and activated always. There are some rules over rudraksha that should be followed by user if wearing any bead of rudraksha rosary.

  1. User not not eat non veg, egg, never drink alcohol if having rudraksha bead over body and if he wants to eat or drink so he should remove the rosary first from neck and after eating till 72 hours he should not touch the rosary and should not wear in any sense, after 72 hours, user should take bath, purify the body using gangajal water, spiritual prayers and than after worshiping rudraksh again he can wear over body. But if you avoid non veg, egg and alcohol permanent so that is best for you.

  2.  User should not make physical relation and should not go at those places where someone died within 10 days or place where someone born within 12 days, If anything happens as written above in home so rudraksha rosary should be purified again by holy procedure to wear it again.

  3. Person who wear rudraksha rosary should remove the rudraksha before sleeping.

  4.  When taking bath, remove the rudraksha from body and never wear rosary in toilet area.

  5. Once, specially at saturday if you rub oil perfume and mustard oil over rudraksha rosary once so that gives beneficial result and keep user safe from many obstacles and trouble in life.

Rudraksha is a holy product and according to our ancient scripts rudraksha are the tears of lord shiva that fallen from the kailash. Rudraksh comes with different gazes and every piece work for a different purpose how and which rudraksha piece can help you for which purpose that writing here for people to know and understand and to take benefits from the holy powers and blessings of lord shiva using rudraksha.


Kamakhya Vashikaran Mantra

Kamakhya vashikaran mantra for love back is the best kamakhya vashikaran sadhna by shakti mantra that a virgin girl can do easily to get lost ex lover back. Powerful kamakhya vashikaran mantra for lover is the one in the most strongest vashikaran mantra for love relation problem. This vidhi should be done by a virgin girl at late night. With the thanks of mataji mentioning here the vidhi of kamakhya beej mantra sadhna and hope this will help people for solving their love relation dispute and problems. First make the mentioned kamakhya chakra on the floor using kamiya sindoor and in center write the beej mantra and seat in center also. As dress wear only one dress if needed that has no stitches like saree or plain cotton red cloth piece. Keep hairs opened and light three oil lamps at all three point of kamakhya shakti siddh chakra that you made on the floor. Take red coral rosary and take sankalp of the mantra that you are going to do for kamakhya vashikaran sadhna siddhi and after that leave the sankalp and do worship of kamakhya devi idol or picture properly and in last start the kamakhya mohini mantra sadhna for vashikaran. Daily recite 2021 mantra at night at same place and during the sadhna days do not take non veg, egg, alcohol and complete 1,25,000 mantra and do hawan from jasmine floor, red roses, kamiya sindoor, black lentil and mustard oil and offer pure satveek food and red saree to a virgin girl to complete this vidhi. After that whenever you want to do vashikaran of lover or someone else follow the same method and recite mantra 1008 times and do hawan your desired person or lover will be in control or attract by you. Kamakhya vashikaran mantra aghori tantra also very famous in India and if you want to know about kamakhya mohini mantra sadhana, kamakhya mantra for love hindi, kamakhya beej mantra, maa kamakhya vashikaran mantra in hindi or searching to  know, what is kamakhya shakti mantra, kamakhya mantra siddhi or kamakhya mantra benefits so you can read this article to have complete information.

|| Kamakhyaam KaamSampanaam Kameswareem Haripriyam Kaamnaam Dehi Mei Nityam Kameshwari Namostute || 

Kamiya Sindoor Vashikaran Prayog

Kamiya sindoor vashikaran prayog is also very famous in kamakhya tantra and in kamakhya peeth people get it by the priest of kamakhya peeth whose provide siddh kamakhya sindoor to needy people but it comes in little bit quantity and easily you cannot get the siddh kamiya sindoor from kamakhya peeth if you are new. The general kamiya sindoor or kamakhya sindoor do not work so much because without energizing any tantrik product you cannot get benefit from it thats why over all tantrik item some kind of pooja and rituals to energize and charge it with holy powers. Kamiya sindoor mohan mantra and kamakhya sindoor vashikaran mantra should be done over kamiya sindoor before using to get it worked and make your desired person in control or attract him her for you. Generally the kamiya sindoor mohini mantra people use to have success in interview, career, to keep marital relations happy or to keep a lover attract and influenced to get married. Mataji gives the siddh kamiya sindoor on requirement in serious cases or for any reasons where it really require. If you want to get kamakhya sindoor / kamiya sindhoor from genuine source so it is the right place for you to have it. Also you can consult for kamakhya sindoor vashikaran prayog vidhi to get it done for any purpose if have any. If you want to know about kamakhya sindoor benefits, kamakhya sindoor mantra, kamakhya sindoor original, original kamiya sindoor price, kamiya sindoor test, kamakhya devi sindoor price so this article can help you a lot if you read it properly.

Kamakhya Vashikaran Specialist

Kamakhya vashikaran specialist tantrik astrologer gurumata ji is the best indian astrologer in india who is known for her authentic and working vashikaran services. If you are searching for kamakhya vashikaran specialist online or want to hire a vashikaran specialist of kamakhya so you can contact here with mataji for authentic and real kamakhya vashikaran tantra mantra pooja and anusthan for aakarshana and mohan. Kamakhya vashikaran specialist mataji gives all kind of kamakhya vashikaran solutions and products related to the kamakhya tantra mantra that work for love relation and marital life problem. If you have some kind of trouble in love matter or want to do the kamakhya tantra mantra yantra prayog for another purpose so you can discuss your question here with mataji to have consultation and advice for required pooja vidhi for your case. She is the best kamakhya tantrik for vashikaran who is the India’s first lady tantrik who provides services for needy peoples and have 99% success rate.

Kali Mantra To Bring Back Lover

Kali mantra to bring back lover is a vidhi of goddess kali cemetery ritual that should be performed by experienced tantrik when important to use for someone to control or attract lover. Kali mantra to bring back lover should be started from any moon eclipse night. At night take bath in river near cemetery area or near river or lake, wear white cloth and seat somewhere where is possible to do the mahakali mantra to bring ex lover back. Do the pooja of mahakali vashikaran yantra using shodopchar poojan vidhi or if have siddhi of tamsik kriya so do using tamsik vidhi after the yantra pooja, do mala poojan and mahakali poojan and give lemons and coconut sacrifice to mahakali, lord of cematary area and the ghost spirits also it is important to make all satisfied and do not disturb in ritual and invoking. After the pooja you can begin the kali mantra to bring back lover or shamshan kali vashikaran mantra both are same just people call it by different names. You can conentrate the mind over the lover face and do the mantra without speaking mentally, during eclipse time you can finish it and after eclipse stop the sadhna and once you have done repeat the same vidhi every night and complete in 21 days. After 21 days do hawan at same place and wait for positive changes. Your desired person will contact you soon. It is a vidhi that easily do not get failed. If any serious problem is there that caused break up so it is another subject otherwise result comes all the time within some days.


Om Kreem Kraam Kroom Hraim Hraim Hoom Kalike Shamshan Kalike Name Mohye Mohye Mum Vashyam Kuru Kuru Om Kreem Swaha

Kali Vashikaran Mantra For Love

Kali vashikaran mantra for love back should be done only by experienced user or under supervision of any experienced tantrik astrologer like gurumata ji. If you do not have guidance or support but want help advice for kali vashikaran mantra for love back so you can contact her to take her assistance. Kali mohini mantra, mahakali vashikaran mantra in hindi, maa kali vashikaran totke, maa kali siddhi mantra in hindi, kali siddhi shabar mantra, shamshan kali vashikaran mantra, maa kali ka vashikaran mantra, kali maa mantra in hindi like tantric rituals are very famous in south india for vashikaran purpose and as kali is goddess who bless with tantra shakti and many secret powers of tantra mantra so her mantra works also in all kind of problem related to the black magic, tantra badha or vashikaran, love relation problem. Kali vashikaran mantra for love back is a amazing sadhna that can fulfill your desire if intention is good and not for malefic purpose.

Kamakhya Vashikaran Mantra

Kamakhya vashikaran mantra is also a famous ritual and to have maa kamakhya blessing people travel so long and visit in assam to worship and darshan. Kamakhya mantra for vashikaran is also very effective vashikaran vidhi that can attract the lover and bring him her back easily to you. When general vashikaran procedure do not work astrologer refers to consult with kali upasak tantrik or kamakhya upasak tantric but think what when astrologer have both deities to do the vashikaran? Kamakhya vashikaran mantra is a vidhi of kamakhya vashikaran mantra aghori baba those invoke in guwahati. Gurumataji revealing that secret here as she spent so much time there to learn kamakhya tantra vidhi and have done siddhi over it also. Kamakhya beej mantra siddhi opens the door for you to invoke and to use any mantra that is related to the kamakhya, before kamakhya mohini mantra sadhna or kamakhya mantra for love people do beej mantra siddhi and after that the powerful kamakhya mantra for vashikaran can become possible by user to do there. In some cases if you are not able to do the kamakhya vashikaran sadhna so you can contact here for kamakhya vashikaran mantra vidhi to get done behalf of you for lover. Kamakhya lover vashikaran mantra can bring lost ex lover back to you. Gurumataji apply these vashikaran in tough cases where general remedies do not work for solution.


Kamakhya vashikaran prayog is possible for users only in Assam in kamakhya temple because that is a very holy and energized place where whatever you do as ritual that never get fails. If you want to get the pooja done there behalf of you or want to consult regarding any other vashikaran related problem so you can consult here or mail us.

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