Apsara Sadhana Siddhi

Apsara sadhana siddhi is very famous and many sadhak have curiosity to know about this apsara sadhana siddhi in brief but it is very rare to find all in one information about apsara sadhana siddhi vidhi anywhere on web. Here we are publishing very informative detail about apsara sadhana siddhi that you can read and get improve your knowledge also to do the apsara sadhana siddhi you can consult with us if having a guru and basis knowledge of nymph rituals.

Urvashi Apsara Sadhana Siddhi

Urvashi Apsara Sadhana SiddhiUrvashi Apsara Sadhana you can start from friday night after 10pm. Take bath before sadhna and if you are begineer so before urvashi apsara pratyakshikaran sadhna vidhi do the purification process under your guru supervision to have purify of mind and body. Sadhak should have no lust or wrong desire or thoughts into mind when doing the urvashi rati sadhana siddhi or urvashi apsara mantra sadhana. After bath wear a dhoti dipped into yauwan bhringa powder in water. Place the wooden seat covered from yellow cloth and face north direction and seat over khush asan covered from yellow cloth. Place urvashi apsara siddh yantra over the wooden seat and keep 7 red rose pieces around urvashi apsara sadhana yantra and light cow ghee lamp, keep rose fragnance stick there. keep one sonwalli there over apsara yantra and mark 3 tilak over siddh apsara yantra and over sonwalli using keshar and write the mantra written below over bhojpatra using saffron and keep it between sonwalli and apsara yantra after that do the apsara mantra prayog using the urvashi mala. Do the mantra atleast 2021 times per night and keep it continue. You can feel sensation in body or unwanted thought, fear or anger in mind when doing the Urvashi Apsara Sadhana you can get distracted but in any case never stop the sadhna and keep sadhna continue. When apsara siddhi completes do hawan and always sleep in the same room where you do the urvashi apsara sadhna vidhi. If apsara comes or become present so behave pleasent and ask her to promise you to help till whole life and come when you speak the calling mantra. By doing Urvashi Apsara Sadhana you can get divine help, suggestion, help and support as friend.

Write this mantra over bhojpatra- Om Urvashi Apsara Priya Mum Vashyam Kari Hoom

Chant this mantra- Om Hreem Urvashi Mum Priye Chittanuranjan Kari Kari Phat

Urvashi Apsara helps in all kind of problem and solve the problem of sadhak and serve him as she gives promise but sadhak should never take advantage of siddhi in wrong way. If you keep apsara using rule and regulation given by your guru so in your spritual life you can gain so many siddhis and get your all materialistic desired fulfilled by urvashi apsara. To keep apsara in control hide the apsara yantra after siddhi in any safe place and sonwalli you should keep with you always when you want to call urvashi apsara.

Leelawati Apsara Sadhana Mantra

leelavati apsaraYou should start this leelavati apsara sadhana from moon eclipse time at night. Take bath and seat on yellow cloth, wear saffron water dipped dhoti, sprinkle jasmine and rose oil perfume inside room, cloth and asan and all around room. Place cow ghee lamp at all four corners of the room and pour rose oil perfume also inside every lamp. In center you should seat over yellow woolen asan and face direction east. Keep leelawati apsara sadhana yantra, leelawati apsara mala over wooden seat covered from yellow silky cloth. Keep jasmine fragnance sticks and cow ghee lamp also, do panchopchar poojan of it and after pooja start the leelavati apsara sadhana mantra jap using apsara mala and do 2021 times per night and keep it continue every night by following same vidhi. When apsara comes take promises from her. Leelavati apsara comes in very attractive and beautiful form that enough to make your mind influenced but you should not loose control over mind and behave normal and take promise from her to live with you and to help you when you call her. During chandra grahan time apsara sadhna if you start to that give success very soon. Leelavati apsara sadhana give you freedom from materialistic boundation and release you from debts


।। ॐ हूं हूं लीलावती कामेश्वरी अप्सरा प्रत्यक्षं सिद्धि देहि हूं हूं फट् ।।

Rambha Apsara Vashikaran Sadhana Siddhi

Rambha ApsaraRambha apsara vashikaran sadhana you should do from any thrusday night after 10pm. Take bath and wear dhoti dipped inside rose water. Seat on yellow cloth and keep direction east. Always keep two yellow rose garland with you. If apsara comes offer one garland to her and second she will offer to you. Light rose frangance sticks and one cow ghee lamp one piece. Take a silver plate, write the Rambha apsara vashikaran sadhana Mantra “ओ राम्भे आगच्छ पूर्ण यौवन संस्तुते ” in that using saffron paste and sprinkle some rose petals inside it. After every 11 mantra sprinkle some rose petals inside the silver plate. After 108 mantra your plate will be filled with enough rose petals now keep the apsara mala over it and do worship using kumkum, bukka, abeer, sandal power, black sesame and pink colored rice pieces (unbroken) Now after that do the rambha apsara yantra pooja using panchopchar vidhi and keep some pink colored rice into left hand and recite these mantra and after every Rambha apsara vashikaran sadhana Mantra sprinkle some rice over the yantra step by step “Om divayeh namah, Om waagischarayeh namah, Om Saundarya Priyaye Namah, Om Yauwan Priyayeh Namah, Om Saubhagyadaye Namah, Om Aarogyapradaye Namah, Om Praanpriyayeh Namah, Om Urjashchalaye Namah, Om Devapriyayeh Namah, Om Aishvarya Pradayeh Namah, Om Dhandaaye Dhanda Rambhaye Namah” After that cover a wooden seat using pink cloth and keep saudarya gutika over it, saafalya mudrika over it and rambhotkeelan yantra over it and do the panchopchar poojan of everything perfectly and sprinkle rose oil perfume over it in last properly and recite the rambha apsara sadhana mantra 2021 times or 1008 times minimum and keep the same vidhi continue till apsara pratyakshikaran. Some people experience apsara presence soon and some feel very late it depend on your concentration, karmic chain and your sadhana vidhi how perfect you are. If you are a pure and spiritual person and virgin also so you can get her very soon.

“ ॐ ह्रीं रं रम्भे आगच्छ आज्ञां पालय मनोवांधितं देहि एं ॐ स्वाहा “

Benefits of rambha apsara sadhana- Rambha apsara gives you good luck, opportunity, and make you strong from mind and body, improve your will power and life time and also support you always at every step when you need. Rambha apsara gives attractive personality and strong influencing power to sadhak. Protect you from diseases and old age.

Tilottama Apsara Sadhana Vidhi

Tilottama Apsara Sadhana VidhiTilottama apsara sadhna siddhi is the best in all apsara sadhna. Tilottama apsara give sadhak everything for which he has desire. After doing Tilottama apsara sadhna Vidhi within some days people experience a divine and nice fragnance smell inside sadhana room that really make you impressed. If you feel this so it means you are doing your tilottama sadhana in right way. It is a sadhna which open your way to get achieve higher spiritual achievements in life. Tilottama apsara give you motivation and make you free from all kind of materialistic problem in life to keep your spiritual journey continue without obstacle. To start  this sadhna choose friday night to begin, take bath and wear clean washed white cloth and seat over woolen white cloth. Keep apsara yantra inside a silver plate and do the panchopchar poojan of it properly and after ganesh gauri pooja, guru pujan do the tilottama apsara sadhana mantra using apsara mala 2021 times minimum and keep the same vidhi continue every night till apsara become present. Always keep apsara yantra, room and your cloths and asan clean and sprikle rose fragnance over everything daily. Anyone should never enter inside room and you should never allow someone to interfere between ritual. Never move your sadhana samagri anywhere after sadhna. During apsara yantra pooja, awahan vidhi keep your palms in namaaj shape and speak this mantra “Om hreem shreem kleem shreem tilottama apsara aagach aagach swaha” after completing the Tilottama apsara sadhna Vidhi do the mantra japa of the mantra written below using the apsara mala

ईं श्रीं श्रीं श्रीं तिलोत्त्मा श्रीं श्रीं श्रीं ईं स्वाहा 


Pushpdeha Apsara Sadhana

Pushpdeha Apsara SadhanaPushpdeha apsara sadhana is really a best apsara sadhana for those people who having a lot of struggle in their life and problem are becoming stronger and stronger day by day and due to which they are unable to get spiritual success. To do the pushpdeha vashikaran mantra sadhana you should begin from friday night. Take bath and wear a dhoti which dipped in fresh rose petal juice mixed in water. After wearing the dhoti seat on red cloth, face should at at north direction and light a cow ghee lamp at front of you. Keep pushpdeha apsara yantra and pushpdeha apsara mala over wooden seat covered from red cloth. Do panchopchar poojan of yantra and mala and after this pour some rose oil perfume drops inside cow ghee lamp and start chanting pushpdeha sadhana siddhi mantra using apsara mala and recite 2021 mantra per night till 41 nights. During mantra chanting if you feel sensation in body, any invisible touch over body, hear voices or feel fear so never stop in between and never open eyes, do your Pushpdeha apsara sadhana with full concentration and when apsara comes, take promises from her and do hawan from the same mantra to complete and whenever you want to call apsara for help, chant the same Pushpdeha apsara Mantra 3 times. Pushpdeha apsara sadhna is to have beauty on face and galore in life. She helps to remove tough of the toughest problem of sadhak in life and improve his life to have spiritual success. Also gives you secret knowledge of divine realm.

|| ॐ ह्रीं पुष्पदेहा आगच्छ प्रत्यक्षं भव ॐ फट ||

Menka Apsara Sadhana Mantra

Menka Apsara Sadhana MantraMenka apsara sadhana mantra you should start from full moon night. Take bath and wear light pink dhoti or colored dhoti. Sprinkle rose and jasmine oil perfume in all over room, over dhoti and over asan also. Seat over pink colored woolen asan and face north direction. Place menka apsara yantra at front of you over wooden seat covered from pink colored cloth. Keep menka apsara sadhna yantra and menka apsara taabeej or amulet with each other over wooden seat and do panchopchaar poojan properly, sprinkle oil perfume over it and also worship apsara mala and after the apsara yantra pooja start the mantra chanting using apsara mala and do 1188 times per night and keep same vidhi continue every night, you can experience increased sexual thoughts, irritation in mind, distraction, diversion of concentration during sadhna but never get harresed and control over your body and mind, do menka apsara sadhana daily with honesty and without any materialistic influence. After sadhna always sleep in same room and always only think about menka apsara, not about anyone else. When apsara comes take promise from her. Menka apsara can fulfill all materialistic desire and help you to have good luck, fame, opportunity, success and to have every happiness in life. Protect you from misfortune, give you information about coming future incidents, keep life trouble free and give you many precious and rare gifts of her own world.

 || ॐ सः ह्रीं मेनके आगच्छ आगच्छ ॐ ||

Apsara Sadhana Siddhi | Apsara Vashikaran Mantra Vidhi
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