4 Mukhi Rudraksha Beads

4 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits

4 mukhi rudraksha is the symbol of four holy vedas and it is also symbol of knowledge. If wearer wear this four mukhi rudraksha bead after charging it from mantra properly and take from his guru with blessing so after wearing you can get released from getting tired so fast, laziness, always feeling sad or upset, extra sleeping habit, also it removes the nightmares and stop that dreams that always come and make you stressed or tensed, Some people who see the same dream always that make them scared so this rudraksha can help you. Wearer also never get defeated so easily by anything and four mukhi rudraksha benefits always push you to win in any situation till last breath. It also helpful to get success in any work or career and give you success in all your work what you do in life. The energy of lord bramha is inside the char mukhi rudraksha bead, if you are suffering from mercury malefic effect or having the problem in horoscope related to mercury planet so you can wear this rudraksha to have blessing and protection and to nulify the malefic effect of mercury planet over you. Four facing rudraksha bead is very auspicious for student, creative peoples, journalist, artist, researchers, scientist, writters because these all works need creative mind to do something new and without four mukhi rudraksha gives intelligence to wearer. 4 mukhi rudraksha rosary can help you for mental problems, or if loosing memory so fast so 4 mukhi rudraksha pendent can heal it also it is very good remedy for paralysis, gall bladder, mental stress, any kind of disorder, sexual diseases, ENT problem, it also purify the body energy and heal the problem related to the hand, arm lung, thyroid like diseases and pains.

If you want to buy the four faced (4 mukhi rudraksha) rosary, mala, pendent or bracelet so you can contact us for complete detail and information about it. We provide all kind of genuine and authentic rudraksha beads after complete kundali analysis and give energized pieces to people with blessings and complete method and wearing rules.

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